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Mozambique Honeymoon Questions

10 Common Questions on a Mozambique Honeymoon 

After the fun and gaiety of your wonderful wedding has died down, you will be on your honeymoon. Alone as a couple, experiencing what is probably the most important holiday of your life together. Before you head off to a Mozambique paradise, you need to be prepared and to plan ahead. Some commonly asked questions from our couples:

  • 1.    Where should we spend our honeymoon?

Decide together on your romantic destination. Mozambique offers a daunting range of wonderful, beautiful regions where sea views, water sports, long white beaches and romantic sunsets are the order of the day. The mainland beaches are spectacular, from Ponto do Ouro and Maputo to Inhambane and Vilankulo, right up to Pemba. And the islands of the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos offer serene retreats away from it all. The choice is yours but we can assist.

  • 2.    What type of hotel or lodge should we choose?

Choose an all-inclusive hotel or lodge or island villa for your honeymoon, removing the stress from your holiday. Many Mozambique accommodation venues offer three meals a day, all drinks, non-motorised water sports, special extras and special rooms as part of a honeymoon special package. Choose something private where families and tour groups don’t usually go. Make sure your room is set apart from the other accommodation for complete privacy.

  • 3.    Will our room be special, a honeymoon suite, with special extras?

Once you have chosen your accommodation, make sure you are get a special room for your honeymoon. There should be something unique about the accommodation so that it stands out above other rooms at that venue. Find out what the room looks like and whether it is set apart from other rooms, has a private deck, plunge pool and sea views. Make sure it has a huge bed and plenty of light and air.

  • 4.    What is our budget?

Before you go anywhere in Mozambique on honeymoon you need to make sure you have a budget. This needs to include flights, transfers, accommodation, meals and drinks, cash for water sports and extra activities, cash for curios and tips, and emergency cash. Always plan for a bit extra than what your budget amount.

  • 5.    Who will assist us with transfers?

When you book your hotel and air tickets, make sure that your transfers to and from your accommodation is organised by the lodge or your travel agent. The worst thing that could happen is that you are stranded at an airport, waiting to get to an idyllic island!

  • 6.    What will the weather be like and what should we take?

Luckily the weather in Mozambique is fairly constant – sunshine and breezes, some rain and winds in certain seasons. The rains usually end around April and May and the humidity lessens. June to October is the dry season, perfect for honeymoons. It can be cool in tropical terms but temperatures still reach up to 30 degrees. You will live in swimming costumes, hats, shorts, blouses and t-shirts, light long pants and dresses, vests for the men and shirts to cover up for mosquitoes in the evenings. Flat shoes and sun cream, cameras and sunglasses – that is all!

  • 7.    Who will help us with activities?

Many Mozambique hotels and private lodges offer guests their own private butler or Mozambican host who will take care of them and all their personal needs. They will guide you to meals, to activities and to special excursions. They will bring you sunset cocktails and entertain you with local stories. Many accommodation venues arrange activities for you. Find out more from your travel agent.

  • 8.    Do we need to take food?

Only self-catering lodges require you to shop for food beforehand. It is advisable, however, to take your own snacks for those in-between meal times when you are feeling hollow – things like nuts, fruit, dried fruit, rolls, biscuits and biltong.

  • 9.    Do I need a passport / visa and how much cash should I take?

All visitors to Mozambique need passports and visas, although some African citizens do not require visas. Take cash for emergencies and make sure you have enough for your holiday without having to restrict your needs.

  • 10.  What should we DO on honeymoon?

You and your new spouse need to decide whether you are going to a destination where you can be active or secluded or simply relax. Do you want sea views and water sports, beach walks and horse rides, or do you want golf and spas and casinos? Decide together and book together. Good luck!

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